Eco-Trailers Niagara - Ontario's choice for lightweight trailers


 33 cu ft Lightweight Cub Caddy covered Trailers from as low as $24.00 per day. These are low-profile trailers that can be towed by any size car/van/SUV etc. Great for camping, road trips etc.

1 day$50.00
2 days$90.00
3 days (Long weekend)$129.00
Regular weekend
(from Fri noon to Mon noon)
4 days$165.00
5 days$195.00
6 days.$225.00
7 days$249.00
2 weeks$395.00
3 weeks$495.00

Call for long term rental prices

Cash or credit card security deposit of $2,500.00 required.

 Eco-Trailers Niagara

Sales & Rentals

Specializing in small, lightweight waterproof enclosed trailers.
St Davids in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada   
289-690-3899 (talk or text)
toll-free: 1-844-326-5466
For a deposit, we will require cash or a credit card that we will put a "hold" of funds equaling the value of the trailer rented. The "hold" will be released upon the undamaged trailer return.